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We are The Bunnyjackpot Foundation – a small animal rescue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming small animals across the UK. We are a foster based rescue with no ‘centre’ to visit – all team members have full time jobs, lives and help the rescue on a voluntary basis. We survive on the kindness of strangers.

Bunnyjackpot Boarding opened officially in April 2021. Our founder quickly realised that she could make a big impact bonding and boarding rabbits, as well as piggies and (not bonding but caring for) hamsters, who she also has a special soft spot for! She quickly realised that her heart was in rescuing, and so The Bunnyjackpot Foundation was born.

The rescue spans the whole of the UK but HQ can be found in the South-West of England. We are so honoured that some adopters travel to us from across the UK to trust us with bonding their little ones. We have a network of foster parents caring for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters under the foundation throughout the country, and that team is always growing. The rescue is very much a collaborative effort, the team work together tirelessly to further ethical husbandry.

Living with small animals is a privilege and working with them on a daily basis is just as wonderful. Rescuing is equally really important – it helps work against the rabbit crisis happening worldwide.