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If you’re considering adding a rabbit to your family, you’re in the right place. All bunnies adopted from The Bunnyjackpot Foundation are neutered, health-checked and bonded by the rescue. Take a look at our adoption pages to see available rabbits and apply to adopt.


Join us as a foster parent and help us save and rehabilitate more small animals in the UK. Visit our fostering page to discover what you need to do to foster a small animal with The Bunnyjackpot Foundation.

Support Us

We rely on the kindness of strangers. Whether you can adopt, foster, raise money, donate or share our posts on social media there are lots of ways that you can support the rescue. Visit our dedicated support page to find out how, or get in touch.

The Bunnyjackpot Foundation, operating throughout the UK, is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming small animals. Additionally, we offer sanctuary to some of the most medically fragile small animals nationwide, ensuring they receive continuous care and veterinary attention.

The rescue provides bonding for all adoptions, and all animals are vet checked, vaccinated and neutered prior to adoption.

Aiming to educate and further the reach of correct rabbit husbandry, The Bunnyjackpot Foundation rehomes according to gold standard requirements.

The work we do is vital: changing the perception, and lives, of small animals in need.

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