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SANCTUARY residents

We find it so important to give the small animals in our care every chance to live happily.

Disability does not mean inability and we have a safe space for disabled and medically compromised animals to live comfortably in the appropriate setups with other special needs animals. Sanctuary rabbits and piggies live out their lives here happily with their welfare needs being our priority.

Meet our Sanctuary Residents


Hemsworth is a lovely gentle boy who hasn’t got much confidence but is pretty chilled out too. He came to foster mum Laura with his brother Ruffalo in September 2022. He has gained her trust a bit more now and doesn’t run and hide very often anymore. Him and Ruffalo sweep around the living room looking like they have ball gowns on. They both love their fresh food and there isn’t much food they don’t like. 

Hemsworth is with us on palliative care and on medication as he has unfortunately got a lump near his groin area which the vet thought was in a tricky place to operate. He also has three cysts on his skin. It’s hard to tell under all that beautiful blonde hair though! 

He loves eating hay and enjoys sleeping in his cat igloo. He and his brother both squeak away and come running over when they hear their foster mum chopping up veg,  eagerly waiting and looking up at her through their fringes! Hemsworth is very lucky to have such a doting foster mum and brother by his side.


Megan Thee Stallion aka Stally is a beautiful baby bun with splay leg and a slight head tilt.

Stally was dumped in a park as a tiny, tiny baby and luckily found by our friends at Clement Rabbit Rescue – who got in touch with us for a sanctuary space for her. The rest is history!

Stal is still growing into her legs and the next few months will tell us a lot about her prospects for living a comfy, hopefully long, happy life.


Pirate is a one eyed (obviously) wonder boy who came as a sanctuary rabbit to us from the fab Clement Rabbit Rescue.

He is a sanctuary bun due to some really complex behavioural issues which are exacerbated by his eye removal!

Luckily he has slotted right in with Pirate, Ted and Violet, who now have some much needed resilience. We hope he will bring out some confidence in Nance in particular!


Violet is a five year old lady who lives in the non wonky sanctuary group with her friends.

Violet was found as a stray and unfortunately has cancer across her lungs. Luckily she still has quality of life and we are monitoring progression of her disease closely.

Vi is absolutely full of life and loves humans and rabbits alike – she is an absolute dream bunny!

The Colonel

The Colonel was left at a vet to be put to sleep due to his headtilt being ‘too much’. This is such a shame but such a win for us as this fellow is utterly lovely and has such a zest for life. The Colonel has several different health issues ongoing – from seizures to drooling to his headtilt to ongoing UTIs. Luckily he’s so happy with his foster parents! Once he’s comfortable we look forward to giving him that all important companionship.


Tallulah is a skinny pig under our care. She lives with fellow skinny pig Ceecee – who has headtilt. Unfortunately Tallulah is prone to poorliness and the two girls have both suffered respiratory issues on and off since rescue. Tally is sassy and hilarious to have around! She is a real pillar of support for her sister Ceecee.


Shakespeare was surrendered as part of an urgent intake where he’d been living with another guineapig. Two other rabbits were surrendered and six more guineapigs.

Shakespeare has an awful mouth of teeth and will need frequent dentals for the rest of his life. He’s such a young rabbit, this is undoubtedly due to extreme breeding.


Yeezy is a lovely little splay lady who was rescued from a pretty dire situation from Clement Rabbit Rescue.

Despite her disability Yeezy is bright and full of life – she loves to binky and get up to mischief!


Crescent is a very special older lady.

Cress came to us with a ‘cannot spay due to cancer’ diagnosis – spay her we did and we removed two masses, one cancerous, one fatty. She has been thriving ever since.

Cress is on long term pain medication due to the cancer found and arthritis, as well as a stubborn eye that needs frequent flushes.


Phoenix is our lovely sasspot of a lop!

Fifi is a wonderful girl with the classic lop condition – she’s had surgery on both sides and has done magnificently with her recovery.

Phoenix still has reduced hearing and can act out because of that.


Bumblebee is a fantastic, floofy boy who came to us via Bunny Angels for sanctuary. Whilst he’s clinically alright he has a bum leg from an old break that has healed in a splayed manner. He is prone to arthritis and not as physically able as ‘normal’ rabbits.

Bee lives with his sanctuary friends Phoenix and The Colonel and has a totally pampered life as a house rabbit in a custom wonky-friendly setup.


Martini is a young loppy guy who’s been through a bit of a time. He’s come to us for sanctuary.

Martini has liver issues and is palliative. Due to being uncomfortable he’s prone to acting out.


Ruffalo is the very lovely, very handsome brother of palliative pig Hemsworth. He’s an OAG, living out his years in foster with his long term carer.


Moretti was handed into a PDSA branch in Sheffield as a very, very poorly little rabbit. Luckily he landed on his feet there, with staff who knew he deserved a chance and held him until transport to us could be arranged.

Moretti remains a very poorly chap – he is battling chronic dental issues and respiratory infection and has the sort of mouth that will require dental every twelve weeks for the rest of his life.

Moretti has a way to go before he is stable enough to be neutered and subsequently bonded – until this time we are keeping him as comfortable as possible and companionship will be a priority for him.


Vanellope is a lovely old lady nethie who is unspayed and has cysts on every single one of her mammary glands.

Vanellope also has respiratory and dental issues.

All of these issues are both breed related and likely due to getting to twelve years old without being spayed.


Horace is an older lop gentleman with dental, ear and arthritic issues.

Horace is unfortunately another example of suffering from breeding!

He lives with his elderly wife Vanellope.


Lisbon is a gorgeous young hamster with one less foot than she should have!

Lisbon lives in a specially curated space for her disability and needs close care to ensure no issues arise from her condition.